Thiên Đường Massage Giữa Lòng Đà Lạt
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Thiên Đường Massage Giữa Lòng Đà Lạt

All Massage Services at Kha Chau Spa

All Massage Services at Kha Chau Spa

Kha Chau Spa is all about relaxation and wellbeing. Your mind and body will be refreshed with our therapeutic treatments. Step into a world of pampering when Spa days and treatment revolve around you. Do not miss this chance to be on a journey of blissful relaxation when you're in Da Lat. We look forward and welcoming you!

All Massage Services at Kha Chau Spa

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Spa services

All Kha Chau Spa guests can enjoy every single moment with our many complimentary massage therapy techniques

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1. Body Massage - Massage Near Me

These range from Swedish massage to neck shoulder, Thai and combination massage

1.1: Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is the most choices technique at Kha Chau Spa. It's performed to re-energize the body and boost general wellness. Percussion, kneading, vibrating, tapping, and rolling are all used in this type of massage. To protect the skin from friction, massage oil or lotion is used.

  • Dur 60 min: 450.000 VND
  • Dur 90 min: 550.000 VND

1.2: Neck Shoulder Massage

The main purpose of neck and shoulder massage is to eliminate the tension and the spasms from the muscles, improve circulation as well as encouraging relaxation. 

  • Dur 60 min 400.000 VND
  • Dur 90 min 500.000 VND
  • Sauna 200.000 VND (bonus herbal foot bath)

1.3: Combination Massage

Combination Massage is the technique which 

massage in vietnam

  • Dur 60 min: 450.000 VND
  • Dur 90 min: 550.000 VND

1.4: Thai Massage - Massage In Dalat

massage in dalat

Thai massage that originated in India has been about 2500 years. Traditional Thai massage has influences from both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, and was formerly thought to be a healing skill.

Unlike typical Western-type massages, it doesn’t involve lying on a massage bed while a massage therapist applies oil to your body and kneads your muscles and pressure points.

  • Dur 60 min: 550.000 VND
  • Dur 90 min: 650.000 VND

2. Foot Massage - Massage In Da Lat

massage near me

Foot massage in Kha Chau Spa is a combination of footbath and reflexology massage. This massage technique can aid relaxation and relieve muscle aches.

Herbal foot soak improves blood circulation, eliminates coldness, and stimulates acupressure points and meridians found on the feet to better target certain body ailments.

  • Dur 60 min: 400.000 VND
  • Dur 90 min: 500.000 VND

3. Massage Combo

A combo massage is such a great choice for someone who's not as familiar with massage. Our combo massage consists of sauna & steambath, traditional massage and hot stone. Certain combinations are said to amplify the healing effects of massage. In additional, this option will help you to save a lot of money instead of going through all of these techniques one by one.

massage body

  • Combo 1 (90 min): 600.000 VND
  • Combo 2 (120 min): 700.000 VND